Friday, November 7, 2008

Ganassi, DEI in alliance talks

A response to Sources: Ganassi, DEI in alliance talks

Until this happens, all this is hearsay. Let's say for argument's sake Ganassi and DEI merge. What would it bring? For one, it would consolidate two struggling operations into a bigger struggling operation. Or this merger could improve both operations, and perhaps Teresa Earnhardt may stay home and count her money she'd earn from the merger. Perhaps she would burn a few hundred $100 bills to warm herself up on a cold North Carolina evening. A merger would benefit the drivers from both operations with sponsorship and technical issues. Should this merger happen, Ganassi would switch from Dodge to Chevrolet.

For the sponsorship side, Ganassi would bring his current sponsors (Big Red and Target) to the new operation. In turn, Martin Truex Jr. and Aric Almirola would benefit by having Juan Pablo Montoya as a teammate. The technical side would benefit by having Richard Childress Racing engines and horsepower. (Imagine Montoya and Kevin Harvick sharing engine information!)

Here's what this really means: NASCAR is struggling, as is the economy as a whole. LONG gone are the single car teams, and in the words of Bruce Springsteen, "they ain't coming back." (In his song, My Hometown) You're going to see the weeding out of the weaker teams, perhaps seeing fields at less than 43 cars in several races. This is a trend that I don't see being reversed any time soon. With the COT costing a lot more than NASCAR expected, it has become a hardship on those teams that are struggling. Until NASCAR tightens its belt, expect this to continue.

My new sports blog page

This is my first post at my new sports blog page. After many bouts of frustration with the previous host, I have decided to move my sports blogs to this location as of January 1, 2009.

A brief overview about me: I am a passionate sports fan from the Central Valley of California. I am a huge football and NASCAR fan. I also like basketball, baseball, MMA, and hockey. I'll have a greater overview in my bio page.

I am looking forward to blogging here for the foreseeable future. While I enjoyed my previous location, it was time for me to go forward and blog unfiltered and uncensored, free of porn and other assorted spam. I am looking forward to your comments and spirited debate on the sports issues of the day.