Saturday, December 12, 2009

NASCAR musings in the offseason

Although the NASCAR season has been over for a few weeks now, I do have some ideas on how NASCAR can be improved.

  1. Get rid of Brian France. Enough said. Unfortunately, that won't happen.
  2. Don't sissify the drivers by emasculating them. Let them be men. If Hamlin and Keselowski (or Harvick and ______) want to fight, let them fight without repercussions. Let them settle their differences under the grandstands, and if they want to have a beer afterwards, they should.
  3. Lose the Chase. The Chase has jumped the shark.
  4. Lose each of the following races: Pocono, Michigan, California, and Loudon. Each of these tracks should have ONLY one race per season.
  5. Reduce the schedule to 30 races or so. This will allow more free time for NASCAR personnel to be with their families, and to recharge their batteries. No races on Easter and Mother's Day weekends. (Remember the Darlington race that was rained out and was subsequently ran on Mother's Day a few years ago?)
  6. Montreal should be a prime candidate for an additional road course race. That is a SWEET track! (Ask Carl Edwards; he'll tell you.) Lacking that, Sonoma should get a second race, preferably in late September or early October, putting it squarely in the Chase (since the Chase won't be eliminated).
  7. Place more emphasis on wins. Give the winner of a race an additional 50 bonus points.

These are but a few ideas I have. Your suggestions are very much welcomed.