Saturday, January 1, 2011

New Pitt football coach jailed

Let me start this with this disclaimer: I am NOT an expert on Pitt Panthers football, or college football for that matter. I will say this, though: I do have a take on this matter.

As many of you may know, new Pitt Panthers football coach Mike Haywood was jailed on domestic violence charges in South Bend, Indiana yesterday. Haywood succeeded Dave Wannstedt, who was either fired or forced to resign, depending on your perspective. Regardless, Wannstedt was out, and Haywood is in, at least for the time being.

According to Assistant St. Joseph County Police Chief Bill Redman, Haywood was arrested around 3 PM local time yesterday after an incident involving child custody. The woman with whom Haywood has a child told police that Haywood grabbed her by the arm and neck and pushed her as she was trying to leave. Haywood will be held without bond in St. Joseph's County Jail until he appears before a judge, possibly by Monday.

This is NOT a good way to start the New Year, and especially NOT a good way to start your tenure at a major Division 1 program. The University of Pittsburgh athletic department will decline further comment until more complete information is available. HUH?? HOW ABOUT FIRING THE GUY!!! He obviously has character issues that affect how he's going to coach! And how about firing the Pittsburgh AD while you're at it?? Coaches SHOULD be held to a different (how about higher?) standard than most professions.

Regardless, this is a HUGE black eye on the University of Pittsburgh. Do something right. Cut your losses and fire Haywood and AD Pederson.

UPDATE: Per several Pitt Panther players, Haywood will be fired, perhaps as soon as tomorrow.

Additional information courtesy of Yahoo! Sports.